What is www.LaminexDesignHub.com.au all about?

We understand that the design process, whether renovating a kitchen, a bathroom or building a new home from scratch, can be overwhelming. We think the best place to start is to understand your own style.
Laminex believes good design enables better living, and we want that for all Australians.

That’s why we’ve created www.LaminexDesignHub.com.au to give you design inspiration to help simplify the design process. We want to make design accessible and help you find your personal style.


What are the 12 styles all about?

Influenced by the latest design trends from around the globe, Laminex has identified the 12 interior design styles that are currently turning heads locally.  We recommend the best place to start any design project is by identifying your style first, so we’ve segmented our range into 12 styles to make both the design process and materials selection simpler.

Modern & Co
Inner Urban

You will recognise some, such as the timeless Classic and Scandi styles, while the likes of Mineral and Noir have emerged more recently. The 12 styles are designed to help you build design solutions perfect for you. So whether you’re Scandinavian or Classic, Glamour or Vintage, Zen or Industrial, Inner Urban or Vintage, Noir or Natural, Modern & Co or Mineral, Laminex can help you bring your design inspiration to life.


Where can I buy Laminex or essastone products?

Because our products need to be cut and fit to specification by specialist fabricators, Laminex generally don’t sell either essastone or Laminex products direct to consumer.  We have a network of Showroom providers who can help you to design and build your projects. Or you can ask for our products directly with Cabinet Makers or Stone Masons that you’re working with.


Where can I find technical and product information?
LaminexDesignHub.com.au has been created to provide design inspiration and to help simplify the design process. If you’re after detailed product or technical information please head to www.laminex.com.au for Laminex products or www.essastone.com.au for essastone products.


Where can I get swatches and samples?
LaminexDesignHub.com.au has been created to provide design inspiration and to help simplify the design process. You can browse more detailed colour palettes and order samples at www.laminex.com.au for Laminex products or www.essastone.com.au for essastone products.


What is essastone by Laminex?
essastone is an engineered stone product made with up to 95% natural quartz. Perfect for use in benchtops and bathrooms, it’s a resilient stone solution that’s been engineered to resist life’s wear and tear (guarding against staining, scratching and citrus acid stains).

Find out more about essastone. 


What products does Laminex make?
Laminex is a key part of the Australian design landscape, and has been a leader in decorative surfaces in Australia for over 80 years. We manufacture and procure a wide range of products including Doors, Benchtops, Panels, Flooring, Splashbacks and other specialty products made from laminate, engineered stone, timber veneers and much more.
Find out more about specific Laminex products
Find out more about essastone products