We can bring the precious tones and textures of nature into our homes and create a look that savours the beauty in our endangered species, reefs and waterways.

Whether it’s the delicate white tones of Antarctica’s glaciers, the brown and beige of wood or the pinks and blues of deep sea coral – the Precious Look takes its inspiration from nature and celebrates its fragile beauty.

Three key features of the Precious Look

Veined benchtops are a key element to creating a Precious style home. Make sure that the vein is strong (but not dominant) and the benchtop details are streamlined to a 20mm thickness. Continuing the benchtop up into the splashback can help make this look seamless.

Product Match

Our new engineered stone Essastone Unique Calacatta is a perfect feature for a Precious Look kitchen or bathroom – its subtle marble vein brings the beauty of Antarctica’s melting glaciers into your home.

Metallic elements perfect the Precious Look. Metallic elements perfect the Precious Look.

The Precious look is all about simplicity and a reduced colour palette. To perfect the style, add some Metallic features in kick boards or overheads. Alternatively, use metallic handles and decors to create some optical highlights Brass or gold with a brushed or soft look work best with this style, but keep things limited to just a few metallic tones – too much will lessen the impact.

Finally, a subtle timber texture in your cabinetry and carcasses completes the look. We recommend using an easily recognizable timber tone with a fine wood structure, like our Laminex AbsoluteGrain Bleached Elm.

Décor and furniture tips for the Precious Look

Both, classic and contemporary décor and furniture can go with this look, but the key is to keep the lines simple – ornate details may overwhelm and clutter the space.

Simplicity is the key for the Precious Look. Simplicity is the key for the Precious Look.

For lighting, try architectural inspired light fittings in black, brass or soft gold. And when it comes to floors, a chevron style timber floor will look beautiful in a Precious styled room.

Décor and furniture colours should reflect the palette used in your cabinetry – carry this through to adjacent spaces to create flow and a seamless overall impression.

For example, if you use brass in the kitchen then filter it into some décor or handles in the living area. Also, light to medium timbers can be picked up in the legs of sofas, an entertainment unit or dining table. Simple items like marble style coasters will complement the beautiful stone benchtops.

Modern artwork and frames in similar tones play a big role to support this style. However, as the cabinetry is the feature, ensure that your other key elements play a supporting role.

Add a masculine twist

The Precious Look has the ability to take on either a more feminine or more masculine look. To create a more masculine Precious space introduce brass, timbers with a simple structure or a richer benchtop colour. If you want to create a softer design, add décor in pastel colours or soft gold. Lighter veined benchtops and cabinetry will also soften up the space.

Bring Precious to life in your home

So, how can you apply the Precious Look to your own personal style? Let’s start by identifying your own style: To simplify your design process and find the colours, textures and shapes you like, we have developed the Laminex 12 Styles. Take this simple quiz and find the style that truly reflects you, and the colours, textures and shapes you need to know to bring it to life.

You’ll find, the Laminex styles that work best with our Precious Look are Mineral, Glamour and Modern & Co. Click on each of the styles and get inspired.