It’s only natural in our busy and increasingly technological lives that we seek spaces in our homes that can help us relax and focus; where we can feel inspired, escape to… or even just sit and sort through the bills.

As the trend for open plan living continues, more and more of us are seeking to create study nooks in our homes that can serve as a smart, functional space without losing connection to the rest of the home, and more importantly the other people in it.


Study nook in open plan house

Before you kick off the design process to create your small haven within a haven, you do need to ask yourself some key questions. What sort of space will this be for you and the family? Is it a true ergonomic work space you’re looking for or just a cosy study spot? Try thinking about how you’ll use the space – will it be a place for the kids to do their homework while you’re in the kitchen? Or is it somewhere you’d sneak off to for a read and catnap away from the TV.

A study nook can be as simple as a benchtop and a few shelves or…by using matching cabinetry, it can be a fully built-in section hidden behind pocket doors for a  seamless look (just close it off when it’s not in use). Either way, once you know the purpose of the space you can start to make smart decisions on how to bring it to life, maximising the space and ensuring there’s flow through into the surrounding space.

When it comes to maximising the space itself, think about storage solutions like overheads and drawer units. If you want to keep your study nook as open as possible you can even add storage boxes that match your style, hiding any items that don’t need to be seen!


Study nook ideas

Image credit: Total Creative Constructions. Study nook cabinetry and panels feature Laminex White paired with AbsoluteGrain in Aged Walnut.

Nooks are often designed near the main living area or kitchen so it’s important to ensure your new space reflects the decors and tones that feature from surface to furniture. If you’re already renovating, why not build in a clever study nook from scratch?

We’d recommend exploring our woodgrains and whites, both of which would form a great palette for a nook and likely complement the surrounding schemes. However you do it though, it doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when using a laminate for your core features.


Study room ideas

Study nook features Essastone in Bitumen Igneous finish surface, paired with Laminex laminate in White Textile cabinetry and Laminex Impressions Sublime Teak overhead panels.