Colour, texture, warmth and new life are revealed as this year’s best bathroom trends.

Enhanced wellness and life balance continues to drive residential design throughout 2019. The best space to introduce this trend is into the ultimate personal retreat – your bathroom. Laminex Design Marketing Manager, Catherine Valente, has over 20 years’ interior design experience and is a master at creating innovative yet intimate spaces to soothe and engage. Revealing elegance and authenticity in its simplest forms, Catherine brings a functional sophistication to product design.

Catherine’s 2019 bathroom trends forecast sees unexpected elements paired with the progression of nature-inspired textures and tones. Here are her top bathroom trend predictions for the year ahead.

1. Colour finally makes its way into the bathroom

A seismic shift is happening from long-used whites, stones and neutrals towards using colour in bathrooms. Restraint steps aside, making way for more courageous palettes such as those currently used in living areas. Low saturations of organic tones – greens, browns and subdued pastels – will be seen in beautifully layered colour palettes. Muted tonal variations such as Laminex Spinifex, Seed and Possum decors in the Landscape Series deliver a calm and luxurious mood, and merge beautifully with richly grained timber surfaces such as Raw Birchply and Classic Oak.


Above image credits (left): Helene et Julien (right): Architectural Designer Products

Laminex Raw Birchply

Bathroom features Essastone Ash Concrete in Matte finish for the vanity and Laminex Raw Birchply for the cabinetry.


2. Shades of black deliver bold bathroom style

Black always makes a strong statement. In the 2019 bathroom, black can conjure a contemporary vibe or an elegant, classic bathroom style. On trend tapware and accessories showcase brushed and matte black finishes, moving towards softer tones of gunmetal and graphite. Laminex AbsoluteMatte Black is stunning on bathroom cabinetry, offering a luxurious silken touch, understated elegance and surprising durability.


Above image credits: The Styling Collective (Builder: G.J. Gardner Homes Hobart West)



Above image source:


3. Soft pastel shades take a starring role

No longer just supporting elements, 2019 bathrooms will showcase delicate greens, blues and pinks in tiles, sinks and cabinetry. The latest Laminex ranges feature playful yet tender pastel hues to deliver a mellow freshness to bathrooms in decors such as Aquamarine, Eggshell, Iceberg and Silver Grey.


Above image credits (left): JT Ellis & Co (right): Tweed Coastline Cabinets


4. Bathrooms become green sanctuaries

Bathroom design ideas for 2019 will feature abundant greenery as we continue to yearn for organic surrounds within our homes. Cabinetry works in natural, tonal greens such as Laminex Seed and Possum, merging beautifully with authentically grained, warm timber surfaces like Laminex Oiled Legno to deliver a serene, resort style aesthetic. Accents of living greenery will further boost and balance the spirit. ­­­


Above image source:


5. Brushed Metals create visual highlights

Bring cool sophistication to classic bathroom style with brushed metallic tapware, accented cabinetry and handles. Low gloss brushed surfaces extend the move towards the warmer tones seen in recent bathroom trends. Shades of gold, platinum and copper – Laminex Landscape Series’ Copper Brush and Matte Rose Gold – draw the eye within a space and create a luxurious, high-end ambience. Contrast edging too, such as Laminex Absolute Series Cool Line Graphite or Stainless Steel, provides sharp optical relief.


Above image credits: Nood co and Norsu Interiors
(Product used: Bowl sink, blush pink by Nood Co)


Sussex Taps

Above image credit: Sussex Taps


6. Warm tones dominate 2019 bathrooms

Loved for their welcoming sense of comfort and calm, warm tones continue to be a top bathroom trend for the year ahead and beyond. Shades of brown, terracotta, bronze, rich olives and warm timber grains all create an inviting bathroom space. To bring warm tones into your project, consider Laminex decors in Earth, Brushed Bronze, Possum, Bayleaf and Natural Walnut.

Natural style bathroom

Bathroom features Essastone in Caolino Gloss finish for the vanity and Laminex Impressions in Sublime Teak for the cabinetry.