Inspired By Series

Virginia Martin

The ‘Inspired by’ series reflects Laminex’s design philosophy – making design accessible for all Australians.  Meet ‘Inspired By’ muse Virginia Martin and follow her journey from inspiration to creation with Laminex.


Virginia Martin, Designer and owner of fashion label, búl. 


Style: Scandinavian

Since launching her fashion label búl, in 2010, Virginia has been creating something unique.

Designing luxurious, timeless pieces that subtly incorporate distinctive shapes and colour, Virginia truly represents the Scandinavian style – a style that’s simplicity is highlighted by its core palette but also accented by muted pastel touches and geometric patterns.

Inspired by travel, nature and the coast, Virginia demonstrates how flexible the Scandinavian style can be. Just as they inspire her fashion collections, these elements also influenced our kitchen design as we looked to include a natural light base palette with pastel highlights.


As we got to know Virginia, it was clear how nature and travel influence her everyday style too. There were several objects Virginia brought to the design process as beautiful pieces that inspired her, including a stunning Tapio Wirkkala vase, nature-inspired photography, a Fugami bottle opener, her beautifully crafted Cassina designer chairs and, of course, her surf board.

Our design team immediately saw the importance of keeping her design simple – inspired by the softer tones of nature but with a smart, clean design for this busy muse.



As we developed Virginia’s kitchen, we took her personal style and her busy lifestyle as inspiration and focused on a design which was all about simplicity and an organic palette.

We were heavily drawn to white, Laminex Timber Veneers in Sandy Oak for timber appeal and our essastone Carrara Matt finish for benchtops.

To finish off the Scandi design, we incorporated accessories in pastel hues.  The design result – a simple, beautiful and functional kitchen – true to both the Scandi style and Virginia herself.


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