Inspired By Series

Steve Cordony

The ‘Inspired by’ series reflects Laminex’s design philosophy – making design accessible for all Australians. Meet ‘Inspired by’ muse Steve Cordony and follow his journey from inspiration to creation with Laminex.



Steve Cordony, Interior and Events Stylist
Steve Cordony is a leading Sydney based interior and event stylist, and the Style Director at-large for Australia’s leading interior design magazine Belle.

Style: Mineral
From our first meeting with Steve it was clear that he was the prefect representation of the Mineral style. Mineral reflects those who not only live and breathe design, but also want to make a strong statement – and that sums up Steve perfectly.

This thinking was further cemented when Steve shared some of his favourite things – the pieces and people that inspired him. These included fashion icons such as Tom Ford, the stunning Owl artwork series that adorns his walls, stunning agate coasters and his love of metallic features.



Steve is passionate about European Architecture and strong, high end fashion design. These passions heavily influence his style and we were able to combine the two by encouraging his love of monochromatic schemes with metallic highlights (with gold a favourite), making Steve a creative dream to design for.



Our design team were able to take Steve’s vision and easily apply it to the Laminex portfolio by including a strong representation of contrasting dark tones from our Timber Veneers range, set against the white textured decors of our new essastone offering and introducing bold metallic accents through the Laminex Innovations range.

Steve Cordony Mineral Kitchen Design

Steve is the perfect embodiment of our Mineral style and we love the direction his personal style and vision took us in. The result is a beautifully striking design.

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