Inspired By Series


The ‘Inspired by’ series reflects Laminex’s design philosophy – making design accessible for all Australians. Meet ‘Inspired by’ muse Chyka and follow her journey from inspiration to creation with Laminex.



Chyka Keebaugh, Editor in Chief,
Successful businesswoman, events and styling powerhouse and Editor in Chief of online lifestyle magazine, Chyka Keebaugh was the inspiration behind our Classic kitchen.

Style: Classic
On first meeting Chyka it was clear that she was the epitome of our Classic style. Her love of textured layers and architectural detail – all anchored by a neutral base palette – allowed us to be very true to this style as we collaborated on the design of her kitchen space.

Inspired by travel and love of creativity, Chyka shared a few items that represented her style and personality. Chyka arrived with a posy of flowers from her garden and we quickly discovered that fresh flowers were an important feature in every room of her house.

The arty tea towels she’s collected, the hand drawn Katie Daisy book on wildflowers and the mementos found in her travels (like the camel decorations often used to add colour to a room….or an outfit) were just some of the wonderfully unique objects that Chyka shared as her inspiration.



The kitchen is the heart of Chyka’s home, so getting the foundation right was key to the design. Creating a simple, neutral base allowed us to layer up with colour and detail – important in matching Chyka’s personality with her Classic style.

Our design team used the rich vein from an essastone Carrara benchtop to provide texture and offset this against white Laminex doors and bold wood grain flooring to heighten the layered effect.

Chyka's Classic Kitchen Design

The result is a warm and timeless space that truly represents both Chyka and our Classic style.

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