Anna Polyviou

The ‘Inspired by’ series reflects Laminex’s design philosophy – making design accessible for all Australians. Meet ‘Inspired by’ muse Anna Polyviou and follow her journey from inspiration to creation with Laminex.

Anna Polyviou at turntable


Anna Polviou, Sweet Creator Shangri-La Hotel
Anna is a Melbourne born, internationally trained, award-winning pastry chef at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney.

Anna’s Style: Inner Urban
Dubbed the punk princess of pastry, this MasterChef guest has unbeatable creative flair and truly represents what Inner Urban Living means to Laminex – many styles blended into one.

When it comes to style, for Anna it’s all about breaking the rules, making a statement and having fun and the inspirational items Anna shared reinforced this. From her spray paint can and the Sid Tapia street art, to Nike kicks and colourful G-Shock watch collection (always matching) to her love of music (represented by a turntable).

As we got to know Anna better and her fun, bold personality, it was clear she was Inner Urban, a style more old school in its influence. Think inner city, warehouse living.


Working with Anna, it was really important we created an expressive freedom around her style. A clean and detailed Laminex White benchtop and cabinetry with textured white brick walls allowed us to feature Sid Tapia’s own artwork in the island bench. This piece motivated the selection of Laminex Innovations pink cabinetry and Laminex Timber Veneers and concrete inspired decors to further add to the inner city warehouse feel.

Anna loves to cook and to create a fun environment for friends, so building a turn table and speakers into the benchtop were important. The speakers were a great addition to this the Inner Urban style while the turntable added functional advantage (great for piping cakes and tarts) as well as setting the party atmosphere (playing Anna’s favourite tunes).

Anna Polyviou's Inner Urban Kitchen Design

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