Inspired By Series

Laminex ‘Inspired By’ Series

To help bring Laminex’s design philosophy and 12 design styles to life, Laminex is collaborating with well-known creative Australians who have a flair for style and design in their respective fields. Together we have created the ‘Inspired By’ series.


Laminex collaborated with our muses, understanding their personal style, what inspires them and their needs and desires for the perfect kitchen. We then took this information and worked with each muse to design their dream kitchen space.



Chyka Keebaugh (Classic Style),  Steve Cordony (Mineral Style), Anna Polyviou (Inner Urban Style) and Virginia Martin (Scandinavian Style) kick off our ‘Inspired By’series.

Click on your favourite muse above to see their design journey from inspiration to creation with Laminex.


What are the 12 Laminex Styles?

Influenced by the latest design trends from around the globe, Laminex has identified 12 interior design styles.

Some of these are existing styles you’ll easily recognise, while others are emerging. All are designed to help you build design solutions to suit your personal style.

So whether you’re Scandi or Classic, Glamour or Vintage, Zen or Industrial, Inner Urban or Noir, Natural or Coastal,  Modern & Co or Mineral, Laminex can help you bring your design inspiration to life.